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Science in Robinstown NS
Science Week 2020

Egg Drop

Orange Fizz!

Snow Fluff

Milk Art!

Making Shadows

5th Class exhibit their science projects in the RDS at Science Blast!

Feb / March Science Projects:

Boats and Balloon Cars

January's experiments and investigations:

Focus on: Materials

Click on the pictures below for the recipes to try at home!

Blue Slime

Junior /Senior Infants: Slime

Lava Lamp

1st/2nd: Lava Lamp


3rd/4th: Erupting volcano

Bath Brush and Soap

5th/6th: Bath Bombs

Photos of this January's science!

January at home challenge:


Teaching the skill of questioning in Junior Infants.

Question: What marks can I make from these different things? (mascara brushes, feathers, lollipop sticks, matchsticks, card, straws)

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