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School Fundraiser

Dear Parents /Guardians,

We are organising a fundraiser for Robinstown NS over the next couple of weeks.
This will be done in collaboration with our Parents’ Association.

The proceeds from the fundraiser will be used in the following ways.
1.      To adequately resource our second Little Acorns class.
2.      To adequately resource our SEN team (special education team).This would include purchasing up-to-date diagnostic and assessment tools. It would also be used to purchase educational software such as Numbershark and Wordshark. These programmes can also be used by all pupils in the school.
3.      To provide equipment for Physical Education.
4.      To aid with the cost of buses to sporting events and other school activities.
5.      To provide funding towards our Aistear programme in the junior classes. This programme had been suspended for the past couple of years due to Covid and lack of space. It is with great delight that it has been reintroduced this year.

Please see information and prizes on the raffle below: Please contact Annette in the office if you wish to buy lines for the raffle or if you would like a raffle card to sell lines for the raffle - or 0469029583

All winners will be contacted by phone and a list of winners will be detailed below on October 28th. 

1. Nicola Sherwin   2. Tony Yip       3. Caroline Bradley
4. Rhona Clarke    5. Linda Cahill   6. Katie Herarty
7. Katie Daly     8. John Gaughran    9. Lisa Masterson
10. Kafren Yip    11. Lauren Byrne   12. Harry Skelton
13. Conor Cahill   14. Catherine Mullins  15. Hannah Morgan   16. Paul Murray   17. Claire O'Connor   18. Michael Foley    19. Luke McGowen     20. Geraldione Bradley
21. Amelia Murtagh   22. Vincent O'Reilly
23. Maeve McLoughlin  24. Jack Clarke 25. Gerard Bradley   26. Tigger (Faye Robyn Maxwell)   27. Ruairí Bartley
28. John Gaughran    29. Amelda Fitzsimons   
30. Jim Hamill    31. Katie Galligan   32. Eibhlín Hughes 
33. Trisha Lyness  34. Jamie Cullan  35. Michael Callaghan  36. Olivia Beehan   37. Pauline McKay   38. Claire McGarry 
39. Michael Rushe   40. Avril Duignan   41. Josh Kennedy    42. Margaret McGinn    43. Kate O'Reilly

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